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ACLS Resource Articles

Practical Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

People do not have to spend too much time or money to buy dietary supplements or to enroll in health clubs just to keep their hearts healthy. There are many practical ways one can do everyday to maintain heart health and the key is to make these behaviors part of a healthy lifestyle.

Learn Basic Life Support and CPR

Life-threatening situations often call for cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR, which aims to restore a person’s circulation and breathing to prevent death. These near-death situations include serious injuries, near drowning, suffocation, heart attack, and others, where an individual stops breathing.

What to Do When Someone Has a Heart Attack

More than one million people experience heart attacks each year, and many victims who survive from this event do so because they got timely help from someone who was nearby. Would you know what to do when someone has a heart attack?

Top 10 Heart Doctors in the US

Here is a list of top ranking US cardiologists who are associated with prominent hospitals.

Learn about Heart Abnormalities

Heart abnormalities lead to life threatening malfunction of the organ that pumps blood to the various regions of the body. These abnormalities can affect anyone, including a fetus in the womb, an aging individual, a fit adult, or a morbidly obese teenager.

Heart Disease among the Young

Health problems related to the heart or cardiovascular disease increase one’s risk for a stroke or heart attack. Younger people do not usually consider themselves at risk for these conditions although in reality, they may be vulnerable.

Anatomy of the Human Heart

The functional anatomy of the human heart (cardiac physiology) is a very fascinating subject to study and it is important for people who are interested in health to learn more about it.

Life Support Ethical Issues

Life support ethical issues are common and they usually involve patients who are ailing from a lingering illness or people who are involved in serious life threatening trauma, of which they are not expected to survive. These patients are usually put on life support systems, which are techniques or devices that keep them alive in spite of their grim prognosis.

History of Heart Transplants

Many years ago, human heart transplantation would have been an impossible dream. However, the dedication and ingenuity of scientists and doctors like Dwight Harkin, Christiaan Barnard, and Norman Shumway have led to the development of modern technology and techniques in doing heart transplant surgery, which has saved many lives.

Heart Attack Risk Factors

About 400,000 individuals die annually from heart disease but experts emphasize that heart disease, including heart attacks, could be prevented. It is therefore important to know if one is at risk for a heart attack to be able to prevent it from happening.

Guide to a Healthy Heart

The heart is just as big as a person’s fist but it is the main organ that keeps him alive. The heart is a strong muscle that pumps blood and oxygen continuously to the different organs of the body. It is thus always used metaphorically by poets and writers to express intense love, because without it one cannot live.

Keep Your Family Safe: Learn First Aid

Parents who have small children at home always want to keep them safe. However, sometimes, even with their best efforts, accidents do happen.

Learn the Basics about Diabetes

More than 23 million people in the US are diagnosed with diabetes each year. It is now considered as the seventh cause of death in the country and is associated with a significant reduction of life expectancy.